Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Healthy Snacks - Pregnant or not!

There is no doubt that people have cravings when they're pregnant - I can't say it's a new thing for me as I've always had random cravings based on the time of year or just what I see in the store or at the farmers market.

This week I have been craving dill, blueberries and greens - I swear I will be a die-hard greens fanatic forever!

Here are some snacks I want to share for all those mamas-to-be out there and just for those of you who are trying to make healthier changes, or keep your healthy choices going strong!

Healthy Snacks - Pregnant or not!

Celery with Almond/Cashew Butter
• side note: I thought I loved almond butter but oh do I love almond/cashew butter

Apple slices with Almond/Cashew Butter

Apple Slices sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with a bit of honey (if you're not diabetic ha)

Sliced Apple full rounds so you can get one thick top and one bottom, spread almond butter on both insides, then sprinkle with your favourite granola on either top or bottom and make a sandwich!

Rice cakes with avocado a squeeze of lime, sea salt and pepper - I can easily eat 4-5 of these

Bell Peppers, Carrots, Celery and Cucumbers with hummus

Mary's rice crackers with hummus and cucumber slices

Fresh pineapple, blueberries and raspberries cut up into plain unsweetened Greek Yogurt

Frozen raspberries, mangoes and bananas blended up to make your own sorbet!

I know this isn't rocket science but these snacks are SOOOO easy to make, remember and indulge in!

So happy snacking whether you're at work, on the couch or on the go! :)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

29 weeks + a pic just because

Even though writing a post at the 30 week mark may sound better, I thought an update might be in order - and a photo of my progression!

I'm just short of 29 weeks and still feeling great...actually, still feeling quite normal other than a few hiccups, and not just from the peanut! I am still walking at the same pace and have to remind myself to slow down a bit - climbing stairs are now harder than usual and I lose my breath quite easily!

Blood sugars are getting a little wonky - not really during the day, but mainly at night and through the night while sleeping. I'm only waking up once in the night to pee -  I hear these stories of people waking up all the time, thankfully that hasn't happened to me yet.

Around this time some women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes (diabetes while pregnant only) and are experiencing the weird sugars just like I am. For the most part my control is still great, I'm just having to take more insulin which isn't ideal, but for the health of the baby is it VERY important.

Thankfully, I have a pump and it makes this process a lot easier!

I haven't had many food cravings - more fruit than usual, mainly pineapple and mangoes - but that's pretty typical for me in the spring anyway. I'm eating a lot of apples and oranges as well which as we know are healthy snacks, especially with a little almond butter.

Still loving salad - don't think that will ever change with me haha

Last week I had two days of intense exhaustion, weakness and some dizzy spells, so having my iron checked tomorrow!

Aversions - none. Nothing through this entire pregnancy has turned me off, although, my appetite has been quite low and I'm having more problems finding something to eat.

Still working out as much as possible - if I can't make it to the gym I walk as much as possible to work, on lunch and after work usually for a total of 5-6km. 

I'm doing yoga at home on and off but not as long - more some basic sun salutations and stretching.

Today the baby was stuck in my rib I think - I actually couldn't stand up and then felt him kick and the pain was released - very weird feeling. I forget that I don't have much room in my middle so moving quickly while at my desk or turning suddenly can bring on this!

The baby is head down and to the right - or so my last ultrasound showed - and I feel him a lot on the right side, very far in fact, up into my ribs on the right and out in front like right behind my naval - whenever I put my hand to my belly he goes there - it's so cute and fascinating.

Sleeping is ok, was having sharp hip pain in the night but now just have a small pillow between my knees and everything is fine - I still roll over a lot though back and forth and had some weird shin splints last week - probably from the gym or walking in new boots!

Still fitting into most of my normal clothes - or, baggy blouses and stretchy tops that I already owned, as well as all my lulus and workout clothes - thankfully that stretch really helps haha!

Here is my most recent pic from Saturday - maternity jeans but normal tank, top and sweater :)

Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 4 - Thursday, March 6 Meals

7am: Ezeikel muffin with almond butter and blackberry jam

9am: 1/2 cup of oatmeal with cinnamon and almonds

*had a bit of an emergency from noon until 3:30 so I didn't get to eat anything…was a long day 

4pm: small apple and Kind Bar granola bar - almond/coconut

*my brother came for dinner so we took him out for sushi

7pm: Sushi dinner: had some avocado/yam rolls, a few california rolls, some yam tempura, sweet and sour soup, mango salad, seaweed salad

Needless to say my day was a little "off" yesterday, didn't get much exercise other than my 2km walk to work, and my meals were not on par with my usual meal plan…but, c'est la vie!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Day 3 - Wednesday, March 5 Meals

7am: Green smoothie - banana, spinach, pumpkin seed protein powder, spirulina, frozen peaches, frozen raspberries, chia seeds and fresh ginger

9am - organic americano, small freshly made cinnamon bun (I couldn't resist haha)

11am - handful of raw nut mix

12:30pm - 1/2 pumpernickel veggie sandwich - arugula, tomato, avocado, mustard, cucumber on pumpernickel bread

3:00pm - 1/2 cup of homemade carrot, ginger, cumin soup

4:30pm - small organic apple

7pm - (husband surprised me with a delicious dinner) baked chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and spinach, wrapped in prosciutto with greek salad (onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, fresh herbs, olive oil and lemon AND garlic mashed (organic red) potatoes

10pm - small bowl of air-popped popcorn


Sugars were perfect all day: 3.8-4.6, after dinner I was 5.5 and then before bed 3.9 (so had the popcorn) and at 2am I was 5.1 - no rising in the night this time. No hip pain at night anymore but I do turn over quite a bit. The gym really is helping with sleeping and my overall feeling. Prenatal yoga is great and I am still practicing when I can, however just the slower cardio on top of the walking I already do daily is really helping the way I'm feeling - for the 4 days I was on "rest" I started to feel swollen (even though I really wasn't, I just felt that way) and fatigued…so it really proves that the exercise I was doing for the first 5 months, and that I'm doing now is really benefitting me in every way!


Exercise: 2.5km of walking to work, 20 min on the stationery bike, 20 min walking at a slight incline on the treadmill and then set of wide-legged squats with 3 different sets of arms with 8 lb weights, I've dropped from 12-15 lb weight to 8 and do more reps of each exercise.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Day 2 - Tuesday, March 4 Meals

7am: Hot lemon water, Ezeikel english muffin with almond butter and blackberry jam

9:30am - small coffee, half the oatmeal and raspberry breakfast I made for today (saving some for snack time later)

11am - handful of raw nut mix

1pm - leftovers from last night: chicken parmesan with quinoa spaghetti + sauce with fresh arugula on the side

3:30pm - handful of raw nut mix, small organic apple

7pm - 1 piece of pumpernickel bread toasted, topped with arugula and 1/2 an avocado and an omelette with old cheddar cheese on the side

10pm - 1/2 banana and small piece of pumpernickel toast with organic peanut butter


Blood sugars were amazing all day - high 3's and 4's. I was 8 around dinner because I needed to change my site but knew that already - so I'm pretty happy with how my sugars are doing. Through the night I'm still waking up around 9 even when I go to sleep in the 4's - and it's 3 hours after I go to sleep.


Exercise: walked 2.5km during the day, 20 min of stationary bike at the gym and 15 min of walking at a decent pace at 3.5 incline on the treadmill - stretched for 10 min


Sleeping was actually way better - only woke up twice and sleeping perfectly on my sides with the pillow between my legs and stacked right on top of each other definitely has eased the shooting sharp pains in my hips, and my sciatic has been fine as well - fingers crossed it stays that way!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Day 1 - Monday, March 3 Meals

Day 1 - Monday, March 3

7am - Piece of organic sourdough toast with almond butter and organic blackberry jam

9am - Small mason jar of organic oatmeal, organic plain yogurt and a handful of frozen raspberries (see attached pic), 1 small coffee at work

11am - 2 small handfuls of Artie's Raw Nut Mix (from the Superstore) which includes: almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios and walnuts

12:30pm - Bowl of homemade carrot, ginger, cumin soup (with onions and garlic), 20 Mary's crackers with organic hummus

3pm - handful of raw nut mix, 1 organic apple

7pm - baked chicken breast with pasta sauce and parmesan cheese, side of quinoa spaghetti


My blood sugars were in the 4's all day - seriously, between 4.4 and 4.9 all day, but then 3 hours after going to sleep I woke up to my blood sugar being 12.4 - so I bolus'd and woke up at 3.9…which is perfect for me. NO idea how this keeps happening but I'm tracking it very well and meeting with the diabetic team next week. But other than that, the numbers were perfect all day :)


*Exercise: 15 min walk in the morning (just over 1 km), 15 min walk at lunch (just over 1 km), 15 min of yoga (short vinyasa sequence), 30 push-ups, 30 dips, 50 squats with weights, 30 lunges with weights


I had such a busy day that after dinner I relaxed for a bit, checked some emails, did my exercises and then had a nice epsom salt bath. We went to bed earlier than usual but it was well deserved!

Here is a pic of the breakfast oatmeal I made for the week:

Monday, 3 March 2014

Recording my Meals for the Week

So I've decided to record all my meals for this week - each day I'll post what I'm eating, how I'm feeling (which hasn't changed much) and how my blood sugars are responding, changing or staying the same.

The only issues I'm having right now have to do with sleeping - I keep waking up throughout the night with sharp pains in my hips and have to switch sides quite often. Needless to say I'm not getting much sleep as a result but I'm trying different methods of using pillows and hopefully we will be getting a new much-needed mattress soon!

So far I don't have many cravings, no food aversions at all and actually have less of an appetite rather than a larger one.

I'm still keeping active everyday with walking at least 3-5km, 15 min strength-training workouts at home and either prenatal pilates or 30-45min prenatal yoga classes at home. I'm joining Goodlife again though because the weather has just been so cold lately I'm feeling like I need more cardio. It's not always easy to get the amount of walking in that I want to, but at least I have my commute to ensure that ;)

At 24 weeks this week I'm feeling great, a little stiff in the mornings and tight around my growing bump in the evenings. I've gained 17 pounds so far which isn't too bad, and all of my clothes pre-pregnancy still fit - other than my bras ;)

The only thing that worries me slightly is the need for more insulin, which can lead to more weight gain and just not an overall great feeling. So far the only changes that have happened are through the night - instead of being low for the first 5 months I am now rising mid-night to around 8 or 9…which is quite odd but I'm taking it day by day for now because things can change so much!

Hopefully people will find this helpful, whether Diabetic or Pregnant, or not.

Happy Monday and Happy March! The first post will come tonight :)

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Healthy Pregnancy

Being a Type 1 Diabetic for 26 years now has not only taught me a lot about the importance of one's health in general, but also discipline and to appreciate the health you do have in the present moment.

Since becoming pregnant I have maintained amazing control because really it's the most important thing to the health of my baby and me. 

I can't lie and say this hasn't been difficult - testing before and after every meal, 8 times a day, counting each carbohydrate that I consume and adjusting my bolus rate as accurately and quickly as possible. 

The other difficult thing is that during every woman's pregnancy things change, nothing remains the same the entire time and that is truly the case with my body's need for insulin.

But, after my last appointment at the diabetic pregnancy clinic I go to my A1C was 5.9, my thyroid was perfect and the rest of the bloodwork was great. Plus, the baby is doing very very well and is not growing bigger than the average at all which is a major concern with diabetic pregnancies.

I really contribute these results to everything I've mentioned above: my discipline, gratitude and my knowledge and passion for good health. My sugars have never been this good and I really feel amazing being pregnant, this has truly been a miracle for my husband and I and only motivates me to continue this type of control in the future! 

Here is my most recent photo at 23 ½ weeks (just short of 6 months) too bad I look so serious haha: